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Did the giraffe not tell you already?! We are thrilled to let you know that our powerful learning experience platform, Astute LXP, just got a mighty upgrade.

Astute is a cloud-based and feature-rich learning platform that makes it easy to administer, share and access online learning. Its data-led approach drives personalised training content and targeted performance management. Astute LXP users can now enjoy even simpler learning management through a host of platform enhancements.

Time-saving user management

Astute provides comprehensive user management tools for learning administrators who can use the platform to handle course sign-ups, monitor progress and generate training reports. The new Astute LXP upgrades make learner management even easier.

🔎 Simpler search: you can now search for users and course enrolments easily and directly from the homepage.

🏊 Streamlined navigation: a refined design offers even more intuitive pathways to find and manage your users.

🚀 Faster enrolment: you can now sign up users to courses in four quick and easy steps.

Keeping you on track

Astute LXP helps its users to keep on top of learner and compliance management with clear views of course uptake, learner performance and training insights. The newly released Astute LXP enhances learner progress tracking with some handy new features.

🔔 Dashboard alerts: a newly designed instant view shows you any training or compliance issues within your area of business.

🏆 Progress tracker: now you can view your own personal training journey and key progress metrics.

💌 Hint hint! The home screen now includes notifications that remind you to complete your outstanding tasks.

Do what you need to, faster

Astute LXP offers a wealth of tools, resources and templates that add value to your training and performance management operations. The platform’s latest upgrades streamline access to the most important platform features, so that you can tick off your to-do list even faster.

⛳ Speedy access: simplified navigation design on the homepage offers you quick routes to the areas of the tool that you use most.

💨 Efficiency: a newly designed Management Centre brings organisational and training content management into one place, allowing you to make changes even quicker and get fast access to reports.

Personalised learning

Astute can host a range of learning content, from bespoke training modules to off the shelf e-learning materials, course documentation and related policies and procedures. The new Astute LXP retains its valuable design features for learners that make it a highly user-responsive learning platform.

🎯 Intelligent: To maximise performance development opportunities and enhance learner enjoyment, Astute LXP makes intelligent recommendations of training content in reaction to what the learner needs and wants, as revealed through their behaviours.

🔧 Insightful: While learners enjoy relevant training materials that meet their individual aspirations, administrators can use Astute LXP data to gain important information about skills gaps and organisational training needs.

🔮 Revealing: With Astute LXP’s clear and detailed insights reporting, learning managers can design future training that builds essential skills and knowledge areas.

Do you want to learn more about the new Astute LXP? Check out our dedicated webpage or contact us for a platform walkthrough.


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