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A picture paints a thousand words – even better if it moves

As a creative method it can incorporate a range of graphical techniques, from fully animated videos and cartoons to simpler forms of dynamic transitions between photographic images.

Walkgrove’s expert team of learning and graphic designers are experienced in building all types of animated learning resources. Short animated sequences integrate easily into bespoke e-learning or face-to-face training, but also work well as standalone informational tools in presentations or digital communications initiatives.

Delight your audience: Walkgrove uses animations to inject attention-grabbing creativity and variety into the presentation of information. By combining colourful visuals and text with engaging music and narration, we create lively animated sequences that delight learning audiences.

Depending on the style chosen, animations can add humour or a light-hearted touch to a topic or evoke powerful emotional responses.

Simplify complex topics: Animations are not only an effective engagement tool, but can also enhance learner understanding. Walkgrove’s expertise in creating dynamic visual explanations helps us to simplify complex topics, using illustration and movement to highlight key points and demonstrate the relationships between different ideas.

Short, microlearning animations are perfect as an introduction to a new concept. They also make a great standalone learning resource to deliver one or more objectives.

Demonstrate real-world impacts: Walkgrove includes animated characters and scenes in interactive case studies to tie together key learning points and demonstrate their practical relevance. These include digitally animated, immersive scenarios that allow the learner to apply their knowledge in a virtual environment.

Tackle sensitive issues: Illustration-based animations are useful to portray scenarios and characters when photography or video may be difficult or inappropriate. This approach can be particularly relevant to dealing with emotionally challenging or sensitive topics where faces should not be identifiable.

Examples of our work

Rail Safety Standards Board (RSSB) - Non-technical skills for non-driver roles

A blended solution creating new supplementary training materials for non-dirver roles

beTravel Wise - Travel wise

E-learning designed to provide effective safe travel advice for business travellers abroad