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Walkgrove is proud to be part of Aleido Group, an international company specialising in aftermarket information and learning solutions with over 800 employees across the globe. Guided by their purpose, ‘to make the advanced simply understood’, Aleido helps to bridge the gap between technology and people.


We make great learning.

Working with many of the UK’s largest organisations since 1994, we have won many awards for our work. We offer a full consultative service across the full learning lifecycle from Training Needs Analysis through to Return on Investment and Impact Studies to ensure that the solutions we develop deliver real value and impact our clients’ business tangibly and positively.


Above all we are focused on helping our clients improve their performance.

Our experience is broad ranging and we don’t have a preferred training medium or technique. We are equally comfortable with e-learning, coaching, workbook design or traditional classroom training – or a blend of all of these and more. This breadth of experience is our greatest strength. It enables us to help our clients evaluate and choose the most effective solution, rather than being pushed down a path which meets the supplier’s requirements or preferences.

We listen
Partnership in development is key to the successful outcome of any learning programme. We cannot hope to develop an appropriate solution until we have a thorough understanding of our customer, their learners and their needs; so the first part of our process is about us asking questions and listening to the answers to ensure we share and reflect your vision.
We're responsive
We respond quickly. You will never be told that the project manager is off sick and the person covering for them is in a meeting and can you call back? Everyone in the business is kept informed of project schedules and priorities and is programmed to help!
We're reliable
We have developed a great reputation for delivering our services over the last 20 years. We have won awards for several of the major projects that we have delivered spanning hundreds of e-learning and multiple blended training interventions – be they learning sets, return on investment analysis, development of web based resources or design and delivery of traditional classroom sessions. Our process and methodology is robust enough for us to scale to the largest requirement, but flexible enough to ensure we can change – as projects invariably do! Direct feedback from our clients tells us that they have faith in us to deliver, which is something to be proud of.
We know what we're doing
Instructional Design  is the foundation of any learning solution and is one of our core capabilities. It’s fundamental that we get to know the learner; tell a story that is real and meaningful to them, challenges them, makes them think, reflect and learn. Then we think about how we can use technology and other learning interventions to make this happen. Many of our projects deal with complex topics and/or concepts that other mainstream providers find difficult to deliver through e-learning. Customers have presented us with challenges such as teaching their staff to think more creatively and strategically within the context of their roles, or understanding the complexities of bilateral diplomacy. This kind of behavioural change is difficult to achieve and requires carefully constructed learning solutions designed by specialists and often involving an intelligent mix of complementary components and interventions. The ability to create these solutions is what differentiates Walkgrove.
We have capacity

Now part of the Semcon Group, Walkgrove’s capacity has been both enhanced and considerably broadened. Digital learning creation and its deployment across a range of distribution platforms has always been one of Semcon’s main offerings. Their size and capacity opens up opportunities for Walkgrove to take on large and complex learning transformation projects, in addition to offering a wider choice of technologies to our clients, including AI, VR and AR.

We learn
We constantly strive to improve the quality of our services; we reflect and review all the projects we deliver to identify the positives we can take from each project to enable us to develop going forwards. After 20 years we’d like to think that this constant learning experience adds up to a significant differentiator.
We help you do more for less
We recognise the challenging times we face. It’s not always a question of developing content for the lowest price, but it is essential to present cost effective solutions to our clients, which generate a tangible return on investment.
We're ethical
Engendering trust is a linchpin of our business. Most of our customers – and our associates – have been working with us for many years. Operating transparently and honestly should be taken as read – but we know that our reputation for taking an ethical approach to everything we do can and has made a significant difference for us in both winning new and retaining existing clients.